The beginning

My first ever blog post. It feels like a momentous moment, it feels like I should have something fabulous and witty to say. Something that I have been thinking of writing down for a long time but haven’t. That very thought/idea/experience that I so desperately wanted to share that I signed up to this blog in the first place, has slipped my mind like an egg off an upturned mixing bowl.

So here we are staring into the black hole of what could be somethings beautiful. Stepping into wild territory – the unknown.

Why write this blog? Well, it’s because I want to document the ebb and flow of my thoughts. Yep, these ramblings will be self-righteous, egoistic, wholly personal and most importantly – authentic. This is personal, but shared and right now, I am comfortable with that.

I hope to make the words of this blog like footprints in the sand, which hold firm in a moment of time, and whilst the life span of thoughts, like footprints, are short and transient; they are nevertheless lived and loved and not regretted.

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