St George’s Day – Englishness

England: it’s not all cricket and thatched houses.

From the people I have met along my weird and wonderful travels who have visited old blighty – or even worse haven’t, I have heard some disparaging comments in regards to the English stereotype.

So I’m about to hash this out right here on this day; on the one day where we can be patriotic, spread the love for our country, but no one does – except Google – Google always celebrates.

What is the central core of Englishness? Is it the grandiose view that we inherited from our Victorian background or are we just a mongrel nation full of Normans, Germans and Scandinavians?

One thing is for sure; over the years we have been successful and perhaps with this success comes a repression of kinds, rules, decency and expectations of decorum.

However, I don’t think this is a one size fits all answer. National characters are much like horoscopes in that you can read into them in whatever way you like.

England is a multicultural and globalised place thanks to its economy, geographical location and of course the media. I think I can crudely simplify the people here by dividing us into 3 groups. Indifferent, hostile and nice. I’m nice of course… OK occasionally hostile and often indifferent.

I love my people you boring yet humoured, melancholic yet optimistic, highly mobile yet slothly swines you!

England is my country. It’s good to be surrounded by the familiar.

Happy St George’s Day errrybody!

Photo: Summer Memories by Simon Ingram

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