Still smiling

I’m all set for tomorrow where I’ll be behind the rails at mile 17 to cheer on the thousands of runners that are embarking upon the final stage of their London marathon journey – race day.

This is a big day for charities, believe me.  All the work people do in fundraising adds up and it’s incredible to be a part of in my job with The British Lung Foundation.

There will be over 40,000 people running tomorrow and over £600m has been raised for charities since it’s conception in 1981.

If you’re one of these amazing people taking part – this post is for you.

Thank you for setting yourself a goal and having the courage to pursue it. For striving to do more, be more, give more – I’m rooting for you.

This isn’t just a race but a sign of human endurance and endeavour: longevity, commitment, preparation and dedication – I salute you.

No matter what the conditions on the day, or what chaos is going on in your mind as you approach the half way mark, legs aching and jelly like, heavy with the weight of the arduous journey ahead – I believe in you.

One day I will no doubt be on that starting point too, questioning what I’d signed up to, nervous with anticipation and excited at the thought of completion – I admire you.

People like you make the world go round and make events like this a great success. On this day you are part of something larger than yourself and that is an incredible feeling – to feel part of something.

So enjoy, relax – you got this.

Good luck!!

Photo: Robert Nunn

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