What is love?

The top ‘What is…?’ Google search terms in the UK over the past few years have included ‘what is twerking?’ ‘what is yolo’ ‘what is scientology’ and weirdly, ‘what is scampi?’ Doesn’t everyone know what scampi is?

Whilst I could talk about Scampi, seeing as many people need enlightening, it is not interesting or inspiring or necessary, plus wiki is way more accurate when it comes to talking about crustaceans than I could ever be.

So the topic of the blog this week is one of the recurring what is questions according to Google — what is love? I thought it would be fun to document my 23 year old single girl’s opinion of the answer to this tricky question.  I may live to regret it, but if you read my first post, the beginning, I am not allowed to regret anything I say here.


Sometimes, I think it’s almost more important and indeed relevant to first define things in terms of what they’re not; so we can build up a general picture that alludes to what is.

Love is not; hate, green eyed jealousy, anger, bitterness, aggression, shaming, abusing, contemptuous profaning or devilish manipulating. Sometimes people illicit these behaviours when ‘in love’, but they are born out of fear, not love.

Then there are the different types of love, which include love for your family, friends and partner. We even use the word love for objects like socks. “I love these socks” I say when I put on a pair that are fat and fleecy and it’s cold outside. But if objects were love then surely we wouldn’t have difficulty defining what it is, that’s for sure.

So love is not an object; it cannot be bought. No amount of anything is ever going to fill you up enough so you can say with absolute certainty that you know what love is. Love is a feeling, a sensation, a state of mind maybe? Love can be in your actions, in your words, in your very being.

I like that idea, imagine yourself as the love cup. Pour yourself full of love like liquid and keep going until you’re overflowing. This is love. This is who you are. Fill your life with love. Give it out to everyone and anyone. Your cup will never be empty.

What is love? You are love.You and you and you.

Disclaimer. This is Love in 400 words. Please forgive me for leaving stuff out.

♥ ♥ LOVE! ♥ ♥

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