14 reasons you should consider working in the charity sector

1. Your ethics, morals and values will be brought up by the work you do and the people that surround you.


2. There is always an event to attend. Be it an award ceremony, a report launch or a fundraising event.


3. It’s highly unlikely your boss will be micro managing everything you do.

im watching u

4. You’ll be surrounded by incredible people who have interesting and dynamic lives.


5. What you wear is not dictated to you at all. Wear what you want when you want!


6. For the feeling you get when you realise just how many people you’re helping, mostly for free, and how grateful they are that you’re there for them, is amazing. In other words – you’re seriously loved by your supporters.

thumbs up

7. Time is seen less as money and more about the value you can create; in yourself, in others and in those you serve.


8. There is nowhere near as much ego or contentious behaviour than can be found in some corporate environments.

double facepalm

9. And no one is competing with each other on who can be the best. It’s all about team work and collaboration.

you got it

10. There are very few stressed people in the office.

download (1)

11.Friday drinks at work, not spending your whole time talking about work, because the people you work with manage to have a work/life balance.

12. People don’t take themselves too seriously. We spend most of our conscious lives in work. Do it with a smile.Why so sad? Be happy!


13. Politeness. It’s not just about saying please and thank you. It’s in people’s actions, how you’re communicated to; and how people ask you to do things for them.


14. The relaxed environment. Late? Need help on a task? Make a mistake? The importance is far more likely to be placed on whether you had good intentions.


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