Will the Real Slim Donald please stand up?

He is the fourth of five children; an energetic and assertive child who was sent, by his parents at the age of 13, to a military academy in the hope that his energy could be positively channelled with discipline. Fred, his father, who was reportedly arrested at a KKK rally in 1927 — which his son staunchly denies; inspired his career in real estate. A ‘master of manipulation’ from a young age, Donald, who is ‘proud of himself’, has been his own driving force; transforming himself into a lucrative brand. The trade mark comb over, sharp suit, and glowing teeth are the veneer of a man who doesn’t believe in self-analysis or discussing the past. If the pink marble floors of Trump Towers on 5th Avenue, his residence in business, show anything — it’s that ‘The Donald’ has precisely his own way of doing things: A germophobe — he refuses to shake hands or carry a briefcase; an avid fan of golf — he plays regularly at the courses he owns; a teetotaller — he has avoided the lure of drugs and alcohol his whole life; being drawn instead to beautiful women and precarious ideologies.

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