The Eu Referendum: In or Out?

Here is a summary of many of the arguments I’ve heard in the last couple of weeks whilst attending various EU Referendum related events. As you will see, the list is very unbalance towards Remain, but quantity isn’t always better than quality..


The UK needs to be in the EU to be at the table. If we aren’t, then we will be ruled by them anyway but not have a say.

There is a consensus that the economy would suffer if we left the EU and the pound would plummet.

It is a myth that we will save money if we leave the EU.

If we leave we are risking the futures of our children and grandchildren.

Even president Obama has suggested that Americas relationship with the UK is strong because we are a part of Europe.

Why separate from our closest political allies?

We get monetary benefits by being in the EU. Such as?

We are stronger as part of the EU.

The EU invest in infrastructure and scientific research.

Other benefits include: Maternity legislation, sick pay leave, European warrant arrest.

The EU is democratic, the representatives for each country are elected.

An ugly divorce may tip us into recession.

So, what happens the day after Brexit?

Sovereignty is a myth; we live in a globalised world.

Surely, some influence is better than none?

Democracy relies upon participation.

Stirling is ‘likely’ to plummet.

Strength in numbers.

Democracy is important, but it is not the only thing. There has to be checks in place on our government and the EU is one of them.



To leave is the democratic choice.

Remain have built a whole campaign round scaremongering.

We want to control our own borders. We are sacrificing sovereignty of our borders.

Economic argument is all speculation from the exact same experts that didn’t predict the recession!

You cannot refute an argument about principles with an argument about money and the economy. Do you think that happened in the American civil war? E.g. we shall let you rule us if it saves us a fiver? No!

Questions that need answering from Remain:

-Why is it that the EU is not elected?

-Why is it a good thing that it is not democratically elected?


Things that weren’t discussed enough: Putin, P.I.I.G.S, the environment.

Best quote: “About the only good thing that Gordon Brown did was keep us out of the Euro.” Anne Fergusson.


Happy voting!


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