Energy drain can occur when your head whirls and you get too far ahead of yourself.

Often, I find, a slight reprieve can be found in reminding myself to just breathe. A simple but effective signal to the brain to slow down a little. Catch your breath as they say.

There is one guy that has reminded millions of stressed out people to breathe. His name is John Kabat-ZInn. 

I am a self professed fan of Kabat-ZInn. Ever since a friend of mine gave me a couple of his books to read, I was hooked.

Kabit-Zinn not only has a PHD in molecular biology but he has also benefited from the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, a venerable buddhist teacher.

Through his life’s work, Kabat-Zinn has carefully woven east and west together in the form of his mindfulness-based stress reduction programme.

The symptoms of stress, anxiety, pain, and illness can all be helped with his methods and from personal experience, I endorse them. They work.

When you next find yourself lost, stuck, distracted, irritable, why not hop off that one way train to Nutsville and stop for a moment? Instead,  ask yourself these questions.

Right now, what is my way?

What do I really want? Would I know it if I got it?

Does everything have to be perfect or under my total control for me to be happy?

Is everything basically OK right now, or am I just not noticing which things are good because my mind keeps coming up with ideas about what it has to have/get rid of before I can be happy?

These are questions that don’t need to be answered, just pondered. And if you ponder only one, make it the first one.

Right now, what is my way?








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