Fawsley Hall: a slice of heaven

Nestled somewhere in between the sloping green hills of Northamptonshire is a spa so perfect I could barely believe my eyes when I saw it. Fawsley Hall, a spa hotel from the Hand Picked Hotels collection, loomed large as we turned left off a winding lane that was littered with sheep and into the grounds. Not a care in the world, the sweet sheep wandered from field to field, grazing peacefully; baaing sporadically when the moment took them.

My boyfriend and I entered the gates of Fawsley Hall and were blown away by the manicured gardens and smooth drive guiding us into the car park. As I rolled my small suitcase into the reception area, my eyes bulged while taking it all in. I turned and smiled at my boyfriend – just being able to do something together for no other reason than relaxation and quality time together made me feel overwhelmingly happy.

As we checked in I got to sample some of Mo’s chilled detox water which contained citrus flavours and cucumber (just a little touch — this place was full of them). Me and my boyfriend wasted no time, we wanted fresh air and the great outdoors immediately! I slipped into my wellies and we exited the grounds of Fawsley Hall to find a little village called Badby. The friendly receptionist gave us a hand drawn map and off we went, keen to explore the Northamptonshire countryside.

It certainty didn’t disappoint! Everything was different here compared to being in an overcrowded and noisy city. The busiest it got was having to manoeuvre around sheep or wait for a young family to navigate the stiles at the boundary between two fields. As soon as we entered into the first field, which had a 45-degree slope that we had to practically hike up, two bouncy Jack Russell’s sped past us, having been summoned by their owners with a whistle. People also said good afternoon and hello to us as we rocked on by, trying as best we could to avoid the suspicious brown splats that were strewn like mines every few metres. I couldn’t believe how friendly and pleasant it all was — people actually spoke to us. Oh, the contrast between Sunday rambling and Monday rush hour!

My boyfriend, fuelled with energetic excitement, raced ahead. He even laughed when he saw how far behind I was — that can you not walk a little bit faster look plastered all over his smug face.  It was a relief when we got to the top and then headed along the edges of an aptly named ‘Baby Wood’. The wood was both magically mystical and skin-tinglingly tranquil — the autumn colours burnt brightly against the blue sky backdrop.

All in all, I’d highly recommend Fawsley Hall for anyone wanting a break from the hustle and bustle of a city, some quality time with a loved one, or simply a well-deserved rest. Go on, treat yourself!

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