Action and thought are women’s most powerful assets

I work in the technology industry. Often, I’m surrounded by 8 guys in a tiny room and I end up wondering how I got there. 

One of my fave feminine icons is a woman called Simone de Beauvoir. I’ve written about her before on my blog.

She inspires me because she told it like it is. In essence, she said that women are not born feminine but they become feminine. This is because, mostly,  we live in a world constructed by men. Literally, houses are built by men, governments are run by men, businesses are chaired by men and even newspapers and magazines are owned by men.

Women mainly play supporting roles in society, we’re nurses, teachers, and carers. We’re an army of do-ers. We have all the elements of a man plus some. We are Men+ if you like.

Make-up, jewellery, shoes and clothes that constrict – these are what men want to see. Men are visual beings whereas women feel their way through the world. That’s what a male colleague of mine said anyway. And I trust he knows what he’s talking about because he said it with a sense of self-importance. Ergo, he must be telling the truth.

Well, I’ll leave it on this note. Like Simone de Beauvoir, I feel that thought and action are the way forward for women. Not more shades of foundation, not more heels, or bags or shoes. We have a right to claim our own version of femininity. We are Men+ after all.

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